Creator of KA’OIR Being Sued by Secret Kisses

Hey beauties!

I recently reviewed Keyshia Dior’s (KA’OIR) lipsticks but apparently I didn’t do my homework because I came across THIS article today.

Basically the article states that Keyshia Dior used to be a rep for Secret Kisses but disassociated herself and started her own brand, KA’OIR, using the same manufacturer (Lady Burd) as Secret Kisses. Keyshia Dior made claims that Secret Kisses stole her idea and company. Now she is being sued for Breach of Contract and Slander. You can read the full 65 page complaint HERE.

Clearly we don’t have all the details yet but I have tried to contact a KA’OIR rep. I’m sure they will not be able to tell me much but if any new information is revealed, I will update you.

There is no denying that KA’OIR Cosmetics is presented in quite the negative light but none the less, my experience with the company has been positive.
I placed an order, and the correct amount was charged to my credit card; my order was shipped in a timely manner, and I received with within a week or two of shipping.

I really don’t know what’s what at this point so until all of this is settled I will not be placing another order with KA’OIR or any order at all with Secret Kisses.
I still stand behind my review.  It is now up to you to decide which company, if any, you are supporting.