KMS Hair Play vs. Garnier Beach Chic

Recently. I received two very similar products so instead of creating two different posts, I thought I’d put them together in a comparison post.

Both products are sea salt base and claim to give you just-out-of-the-ocean beach waves. Both come in spray type bottles, and for reference, KMS Hair Play is $21.95 CAD (200ml) and Garnier Beach Chic is $3.97 CAD (250ml).
I like playing high-end vs low-end – don’t you!?



Garnier Beach Chic
creates loose textured waves that are non-tacky, not stiff, and not weighed down. This sea salt spray is free of alcohols, it doesn’t clump your hair together, or leave it too shiny/greasy.
I sprayed it on towel dried hair, fluffed up and twisted my hair a bit then let it air dry.
Once my hair dried, my waves felt light, airy, and looks full but this seriously did nothing for frizz control. I don’t know if it’s extra humid outside or what, but I had to oil then hairspray my hair to get rid of my frizz!

I mean really – look at this frizz!?


KMS HairPlay
creates a tousled texture with a matte finish. Air dry for tousles or blow dry for fullness.
As per usual when I use a sea salt spray, I spritzed this on towel dried hair, crunched up my hair a bit and let it air dry. Once dry, it feels lightweight and not sticky, like Garnier, but it definitely doesn’t hold as well. I needed to add mousse in order to give my hair some definition. It does better for frizz control but still not the greatest.

very little hold :(

Overall, I’m not wowed by either of these texturizing sprays. Garnier Beach Chic holds better than KMS Hair Play but KMS is better at controlling my frizz. I guess if you need to choose between the two, choose based on your needs. I’d rather frizz-control so I’d choose KMS Hair Play but if you don’t want to spend a lot, then Garnier Beach Chic can be just as good.

But if you want to know my favourite texturizing sea salt spray of all time, it’s Redkin Fashion Waves ;)