Givenchy Noir Interdit: Lash Extension Effect

Hi everyone!
I’m posting about two mascaras within the next couple of days so don’t get bored of me! I promise they’re both different.

I’m starting off with the one I like better, obvi!
Givenchy Noir Interdit. The new secret lash extension effect by Givenchy Beauty.

This mascara features a revolutionary brush where the wand bends to a 90 degree angle and the bristles are flexible and follow the shape of the lashes.

True to Givenchy form, the packaging is gorgeous. The mascara looks and feels luxurious. I guess it has to since it’s price tag is $37 CAD lol

The most unique feature is the bendable wand. Upon first impression, I was thinking do I really need a wand that bends to a 90 degree angle? The answer is yes. Yes, you freakin’ do.

I sometimes have to bend my arm at an awkward angle to get to my left eye. Wellll not with Givenchy Noir Interdit. The wand bends for you!! Thus making it easier to apply my mascara, especially after an arm and shoulder day.

Givenchy Noir Interdit lengthens the hell out of my lashes.

My natural lashes really aren’t this long. That I can promise you!

The formula is great because it doesn’t flake or fade away. I have this issue with non-waterproof mascaras, they just do not last for me but Givenchy Noir Interdit lasts all damn day long until I want to wash it off. Even then, it’s super easy to remove with cleanser and water.

The short bristles are only on one side of the wand but they move with your natural lashes. I start at the root of my lashes, zigzag it around there, and then bring it to the end of my lashes, bending the and when I need to. Va-va-voon! These are the lashes I get after a few coats.

My one and only complaint about Givenchy Noir Interdit is the scent of the mascara. It’s really fragranted. It doesn’t bother or irritate my eyes, I just don’t like the way it smells.

Although Givenchy Noir Interdit looks kind of gimmicky, I’m thoroughly enjoying using the mascara. I love the length it gives my lashes, I love how separated they look, I love how the formula doesn’t clump or fade and flake throughout the day. Compared to most luxury brands, the price tag on this mascara isn’t outrageous, either.

Givenchy Noir Interdit is available at Sephora, in store and online.