Suffer From Dry Lips? Flexitol Lip Balm Can Help!

Just as I ran out of my Dermalogica Nightly Lip Treatment, Flexitol Lip Balm for severely dry lips showed up at my door! As much as I loved using the Dermalogica Nightly Lip Treatment, at almost $78 per tube, it’s a bit pricey to replace. Flexitol Lip Balm saved my lips for only $5.49 CAD. I think it’s a great alternative!

My lips aren’t dry and they aren’t cracked but sometimes throughout the day they feel tight and not just any lip balm will do. I use Flexitol Lip Balm twice a day, morning and night, and my lips feel so much better – smoother, and more hydrated.

Flexitol Lip Balm is a bit scented, almost minty, but it doesn’t tingle which is why I’m having a hard time pinning down the scent. Mint tingles! lol

Flextiol Lip Balm is available at Rexall, IDA Guardian, Pharma Choice, and Value Drug Mart or can be purchased online at