Hit or Miss? Real Techniques Dual-Ended Expert Sponge

I normally really love Real Techniques products but I am not quite sold on the Dual-Ended Expert Sponge. It’s designed for medium to heavy coverage and is to be used dry…. DRY!

The orange side is to apply your foundation and the pink side is contouring, highlighting, or blush.

Before I realized this sponge is to be used dry, I was wetting it and absolutely hating it. It wasn’t expanding or even softening up. My application would be streaky and got no coverage from it. I was about to toss it in the garbage until I reread the packaging and saw that I needed to use this dry. So I tried it dry… I still don’t love it. It’s so hard but at least now my foundation goes on normally.

I think that maybe this Real Techniques Dual-Ended Expert Sponge should be used with loose powders, only. Like maybe for baking or with a finishing powder?

Overall, Real Techniques Dual-Ended Expert Sponge is going to be a miss for me. I love their Miracle Complexion Sponge and will just continue using that!

If you want to try this or any other Real Techniques products, they’re available at Rexall, Pharma Plus, Gaurdian, and London Drugs. This sponge is $10.49 CAD.