Pantene Pro-V Combing Creme for Hair So Smooth You’ll Want To Run Your Fingers Through It All Day

Pantene Pro-V Combing Creme is a leave-in product that effortlessly detangles and makes your hair shiny!

After a shower, I towel dry my hair, squeeze a dollop of Pantene Pro-V Combing Creme onto the palm of my hand, and rub it into my damp hair, along the shaft to ends, avoiding the roots. I comb through it, and dry and style as usual. It not only leaves my hair shiny but also frizz-free for a couple of days.
I avoid applying it to my roots because I only wash my hair twice a week and don’t want it to get greasy.

Overall, Pantene Pro-V Combing Creme is a great product for keeping my hair smooth and frizz free.

Pantene Pro-V Combing Creme is roughly $7.99 CAD and can be found at mass market retailers, nationwide

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