Lash Lifts make your eyelashes appear longer and fuller for 6-8 weeks, without the use of extensions and without damage to your natural lashes.

To fully enjoy and reap the benefits of your lash lift, please avoid: steam, saunas, waters, oils, lotions, shampoos, face wash, and makeup removers (wipes included) for 24 hours.
While the lashes are shape shifting, please avoid sleeping on your side or your tummy. This will misshape your newly lifted lashes. Sleeping on your back is best during this 24 hour period.

Please note that oil based products can make your eyelashes drop prematurely.

Enjoy your Lash Lift for the next 6-8 weeks!

*Lash Lifts are 100% FDA and Health Canada Approved and 100% safe for your eyes and natural lashes